Sia Company has been established in 1998. The offices and the warehouse, having food-stuff certification, cover a surface of 1.200 sqm and make of this firm a reference point as regards the importation of raw food-stuff.
Of course, primary national firms are part of the selected suppliers of SIA Co.
Predominantly SIA Co is working in the centre-north Italy area. The innovative mind and the constant quality reasearch (ISO 9002 certificated suppliers only) enable us to work with more competitive and performable products.
In spite of the young age, SIA Co is an important reality in the following production lines:

- ice creams
- pastry
- bakery
- milk desserts
- fermented milks
- yogurt and cheeses



Via Lavoratori dell'Autobianchi 1 - 20033 Desio (MB), Italy

Tel. +39 031 752.452 - Fax +39 031 752.453